Legacy Transfers


Legacy Home Transfers

A specialized process for properties that have been in the same family since inception, or have rarely been for sale on the open market.

Up to $40,000 of prep work covered up front, paid at close, with zero interest on the back end.

Past transfers, and their owners

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1533 S Manhattan Place, 90019

Sold :: In the same family for over 100 years

From the owners:

Ben and Erin are an awesome professional team! Representing Legacy homes is not their job - it is their calling.  All of us on this page have made the difficult decision to sell our family homes after many decades of memories; it is not an easy thing to do.  Ben and Erin really, really listen.  They understood that this was not just another real estate transaction for us - we were searching for another family to love our former home and not a developer who would mow it down for maximum profit.  In our case, Ben and Erin created a custom social media campaign to get the word out - it was extraordinarily successful!  They provided excellent, pragmatic advice on work that would enhance the home's desirability and then supervised that work using their own trusted contractors.  We were incredibly pleased with the outcome - they expeditiously found us a wonderful buyer who was a perfect fit at a very good price.  They are compassionate miracle workers - you couldn't possibly be in better hands!


6440 S. Halm, 90056

Sold by the original owners :: First time on the market

From the owners:

After the passing of our parents, we three siblings chose to prepare our family home of 57 years to be sold. During our initial meeting with Ben, it quickly became evident that Ben was not the everyday broker looking for his next listing. His knowledge of and passion for preserving Historic and Architectural homes in general, and our house in particular was unmistakable. He was genuinely interested in learning the history of our home and our family. He had already done research on the builder as well as the architect. He had a vision of how to present the house to its fullest advantage, seeing value in qualities of the house that other realtors missed. Throughout the difficult emotional process of our emptying the house, Ben remained calm, encouraging, and very supportive. Ben offered to and did take full charge of the updating process: securing bids, scheduling the work, overseeing the work, and updating us on the progress and timeline. This made all the difference to us. His choices in how to renovate, stage and market the house were superb. Of the many high quality bids we received, most were deeply impressed by the history, quality and historical nature of the house that Ben conveyed so well. We were thrilled with the outcome. Ben gave us tons of personal attention, and the bottom line was beyond our hopes. We most highly recommend him.


1740 Westmoreland, 90006

Sold after 3 generations of ownership :: First time on the market in 110 years

From the owners:

The best realtor…. Period. I have had a few but no one who has worked as hard, was so dedicated and so wonderful. We can’t say enough about about Erin and her work ethic. Erin and Ben walked us through the roughest time in our lives and did it with grace and understanding. If you are looking for people in your corner while you are going through selling a historic home, you won’t find better. We were consistently floored by their knowledge and dedication to preserving the integrity of historic homes. There are no words to express how thankful we are. Erin, you are extraordinary!!


9743 Val St, Temple City, 91780

:: Sold :: First Time On The Market In 74 Years

From the owners:

The gift you have given us is the freedom to move forward in life, and against significant odds to find the one in a million family who loved our old house. It will take a few drafts for me to find just the right the words to be sure people reading them really grasp how extraordinary and special you are, and how your partnership, your business savvy, support and sound advice, visionary marketing strategy, and especially empathy ….made our dream possible. Thank you just doesn’t cut it, but THANK YOU!

:: Sold :: In the same family since the 1950s

1026 S. La Jolla, 90035

Extremely grateful to Ben and his team for helping us prepare and sell our Godmother's family home. It was not an easy decision, but Ben was with us every step of the way! He was compassionate but firm in helping us make the best decision at the time. Selling a family home is never easy, but it was easy knowing that Ben would take care of the details and usher the process through in the most efficient way possible. Thanks Ben! Would love to work with you and your team again in the future.

1335 Shadybrook, Beverly Hills

First Time On The Market

Represented Buyer.


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